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Undergrad is the biggest change a student will experience during their education journey. That was definitely the case for me. The jump from school to a degree can be drastic for many. That being said it is a time which you will never get back. You must utilize it to make make most of in all aspects of life be it career, friends, setting your goals or life in general.

I have compiled my best experiences and tips that have helped me make most of college.

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Grad School

5 Greatest Research Tools Every Graduate Student Needs

As a graduate student, you need various tools to help you with your research. These tools not only make life simpler, but they can also step up your research to the next level by making tasks that otherwise seem strenuous easier. After going through various internships, I faced a lot of issues when it came to editing the grammar of a paper or a project

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7 Best Steps to Write a Cover Letter for Research Internships

You have to agree that a cover letter is essential for any form of application. All undergrad students must know how to write a cover letter because sooner or later they will apply for internships or even jobs. A good cover letter is a gateway towards wonderful opportunities. Surfing through the internet I could find many samples of cover letters but rarely any articles on

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11 CV Mistakes Every Student Should Avoid

How to Write Undergraduate CV for Internships

Being a freshman in college you probably have no idea on how to write a CV for internships. Even if you have had your fair share of internships, writing a good CV becomes a hectic process. The vast array of formats online can perfectly complete the task of overwhelming anyone and can be quite frightening for a newer audience. I have been where you are right

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5 Steps towards a Research Internship for Students with No Experience

Applying for an internship can be quite nerve-wracking, especially when you have never had one before. You have so many questions in your mind. How to apply? When to apply? Where to apply? Not to worry! I have been in your shoes and through the struggles of applying for my first internship. After surfing through various websites to get some information on application procedure or

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