Undergrad School

Undergrad life in college is very different from school life. It is a rollercoaster ride where you discover and make a future for yourself. That being said it is a time which you will never get back. You must utilise it to make make most of in all aspects of life be it career, friends, setting your goals or life in general.

In this section, you will find articles which will help you in all spheres of college and how to ace it. Here you will find tips, life hacks, best approaches and some great advice which will help you through it all.

I have compiled my best experiences and tips that have helped me make most of college. Speaking about the ups and downs, how to overcome challenges and achieve your milestones, life in campus and as a college student, there are articles for all types of students here! Just scroll through the articles and let them flow!


5 Online Course Sites Every College Student Should Check Out

Online courses are becoming the norm. They are easily accessible with a steady internet connection, they can be completed at the time and pace or your preference, you can learn anything you want to with a simple google search and the correct subject planning. However, finding these online courses can be tricky. Although the internet […]

7 Best Steps to Write a Cover Letter for Research Internships

  You have to agree that a cover letter is essential for any form of application. All undergrad students must know how to write a cover letter because sooner or later they will apply for internships or even jobs. A good cover letter is a gateway towards wonderful opportunities. Surfing through the internet I could […]