An Aerospace Engineer's

Ramblings on College Life

An Aerospace Engineer's

Ramblings on College Life



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Hi there, I am Nupur Gupta! I am an aerospace and mechanical engineer currently working in the aerospace sector.

Through this blog, I help young professionals understand their path during college and after graduation. The articles I bring to you can help you become productive, plan effectively, get better at adulting and understand how you should curate your career path when you're in college and after graduating.

Having experience both in academic research and being in corporate world I try to bring out content that can help you learn from my journey. I occasionally bring around professionals and PhD scholars to talk directly to my audience on various topics.

I am always happy to answer any of the queries or questions that you may 😀 Just reply to the email you get when you subscribe to my email list and I will get right back to you!

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