Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Being a recent graduate, I wanted to share some of my experiences and challenges I faced during undergrad. I created NupurSpeaks as a way to help other students avoid them. So stick around to find out a little more.

This small corner of the internet is dedicated to compiling college life in one place. Here I write about getting internships and some tried and tested tricks to get through undergraduate and graduate school. I give out free CV and cover letter templates to all my subscribers which have helped me get a few internships. You will also find articles on student help here.

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Welcome to my website! I have recently graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and was heading off to graduate school in the USA. Having fully planned for a grad life ahead I had to delay my plans by a semester. Rather than seeing this as a downfall, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to try something new and start a blog!

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