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Through the eyes of a student

is a segment to get the student community together and share their hardships, aspirations, goals, and anything related to being a student; college, maters, high school, anything at all. If you want to feature as a guest pot you will have to submit an article of minimum 2000 words related to a topic of choice but within the topic ‘through the eyes of a student’. At the end of the month, I will shortlist 4 people to publish on the blog. To participate fill this form and send me your article via


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  1. You will have to write an article at least 1500 words long and use your own photography or even stock photography is ok. I will provide two backlinks to your blog with a brief author introduction and promote it on my social media.
  2. If you are willing, please promote your blog post on your social media if you do not have a blog or your blog.
  3. I am free to add affiliate links to your post, edit the post and add it to any future publication. I am also free to accept or reject the blog post.
  4. You have to take care is that it has 0 plagiarism and is 100% original.
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