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I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate student with a bachelors and masters in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

For my masters I developed a stochastic reactor model network and studied the impact of emissions. I have various published work and am currently working on a research paper.

During my undergraduation I had worked on 3 different research internships (In IITB and IITKgp) andhave worked on several published research projects.

Through NupurSpeaks I share my experiences and challenges that I faced during undergraduation and the methods to overcome them.

This blog is dedicated in providing students with guidelines with and making the most out of their time while not giving up on social life.

Through this blog I try to fill the gap in higher education by providing guidelines for

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How I Got Started with the blog?

Let me tell you a little story. Having recently graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, I was heading off to graduate school in USA. After fully planned for a grad life ahead I had to delay my plans by a semester which turned out to be a year. Rather than seeing this as a downfall, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to try something new and start a blog! I am now pursuing a master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Canada. (Yes, the US plan didn’t work out).

Being the crazy fanatic that I am, rather than picking up a template, I had a wild idea of learning how to code (php, javascript and html….you know the boring stuff) and make one of my own. After I was halfway along (actually I was stuck for two days on an error which I later realised was a TYPO!), I realised that the task at hand was more difficult than I presumed it would be. But I had invested too much of my time and effort (also I was kind of having fun) to discontinue the project. Hence, after frequent sleepless nights and tiring days (2 months and 10 days to be precise), I welcome you all to my website!

A bit more about me

When I am not doing research, I love to design websites, make accessories and DIYs, sketch, and read! I have an evergreen passion to learn something new every day and share my experiences with you. So hop on towards an adventure-filled journey as you surf through this site and help me create better and helpful content for you all! Other than these, there is a dedicated section for those of you looking to organize your lives with some free printables in the planner & organizing. So hop on towards an adventure with me, as I take you through a journey which is sure to help you out.

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This small corner of the internet is dedicated to compiling college life in one place. Here I write about getting internships and some tried and tested tricks to get through undergraduate and graduate school.

I give out free CV and cover letter templates to all my subscribers which have helped me get a few internships. You will also find articles on student help here.

The best way would be through the Facebook group which is a consists of students like you and a place to meet like-minded people. 

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