About Me

Hello and Namaste! I am Nupur. A 21-year-old from Himachal Pradesh, India. Welcome to my website! I have recently graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and was heading off to graduate school in USA. Having fully planned for a grad life ahead I had to delay my plans by a semester. Rather than seeing this as a downfall, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to try something new and start a blog!

Being the crazy fanatic that I am, rather than picking up a template, I had a wild idea of learning how to code (php, javascript and html….you know the boring stuff) and make one of my own. After I was halfway along (actually I was stuck for two days on an error which I later realised was a TYPO!), I realised that the task at hand was more difficult than I presumed it would be. But I had invested too much of my time and effort (also I was kind of having fun) to discontinue the project. Hence, after frequent sleepless nights and tiring days (2 months and 10 days to be precise), I welcome you all to my website!

Through this website, I would love to share my mini adventure with you all talking about my Undergraduate Life and my upcoming grad life, my lifestyle (beauty, fashion, travel) and blogging about everyday events which I hope will help you all figure out your own path along the way.

When I am not being a student I love to read, swim, make accessories and DIYs, sketch and try out new things! I have an evergreen passion to learn something new every day and share my experiences with you.  So hop on towards an adventure-filled journey as you surf through this site and help me create better and helpful content for you all!

I will be releasing articles every Tuesday and Thursday so stay tuned and subscribe to get updated when one is released! I will update the about page a day before to notify the title of the article to be released.



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Articles to be released this week:
How to write internship cover letters for undergraduates (Thursday 4 Oct)
10 DIY cards you should try this holiday season (Sunday 30 Sept)


If you want to collaborate or get in touch e-mail me at admin@nupurspeaks.com or send me a message by visiting the contact me page! Do Subscribe and follow me on pinterest , instagram and twitter ! Collaborative work can be in the area of (but certainly not limited to):

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Now, to end this blob of text, here are some of the photos I took during my travel to the lesser known areas of Himachal Pradesh, India. The snake-likee road in the first image is 10 minutes away from my home in Himachal Pradesh. You can see the entire Balh valley from this height. In the second image is a place where when it is about to rain the fog dwells from the length of the age-old trees and slowly creeps down to touch the land. The third image is a small house on the way to Pandoh and the last image is me sitting atop a mist-laden rock!