How To Handle Senior Year And Focus On Life After College – Guest Post

How To Handle Senior Year And Focus On Life After College - Guest Post
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Going through undergraduate school can be nerve-wracking. These years of your life are when you make great friends, explore new avenues and get to know the real you. Going through these years can be challenging. The last semester is one of the most confusing times for most.  With so much going on, it gets difficult to stay focused.

This article will take you through some tips on surving it. Before we progress further, let me introduce you to our guest writer for today!

How to Survive Your Last Semester in College - Guest Post

So, here I bring to you another wonderful piece by a guest blogger who writes about surviving the last semester of college. Out of all the four years, from my experience, it was the most stressful. Finding a job or future grad school, applications, interviews, meeting friends can be quite overwhelming.

Kayla from wonderfully gives tips and talks about how it is ok to keep all these worries aside and live life for a minute.

How To Handle Senior Year And Focus On Life After College - Guest Post

Surviving College

It’s crazy to think only six months ago I was graduating from college. It is a beautiful, crazy, and difficult time during a huge transition. Life after college feels like a mystery — whether you have a job yet or not, adulting is still a strange concept that you have yet to completely understand.

I know, it’s scary.

When I was graduating, I decided that I would freelance and avoid the 9-5. I felt like a bit of an outsider telling my mentors, fellow students, and colleagues that I had no intention to work one full-time job.

Whatever your situation, I know one thing. If you’re a senior and not going directly into graduate school, the top questions you’re getting asked are: ¨Do you have a job yet?¨ ¨Are you nervous?¨ or ¨What are your plans?¨ among other variations. And I know you’re also asking yourself those questions alongside school work and maybe a job. It’s a lot.

While one door closes, another opens, and I don’t know why we’re supposed to be afraid of what happens next. From a recent college graduate to all seniors, here’s my advice on living in that strange space between student and functional adult.

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Focus on The Now, It Only Happens Once

Remember, you’re in your last year or semester: focus on it.

If you are struggling to maintain grades, focus on that. If you’re going to graduate with honours, focus on that. If you don’t really care and are good without trying too hard, get in extra networking time or work on side projects. Then, aside from the school work, focus on the moments you’re having.

As the days to graduation dwindle, you’ll realize you’re leaving a world you’ve been in for years. Unless you enter grad school (which is nothing like undergrad), you’re probably not going to relive moments specific to college life. College life, while not fabulous, is a unique experience and it’ll be gone before you know it.

Yes, what happens after college is important, but you’ll have heaps of time to worry about it when it’s over.

Keeping Up on Your Workflow

I often found myself with lots of work to do and no desire to do it. The ‘itis definitely set it. And it always seemed that when I had a specific assignment, I couldn’t focus and get it done. With little sense of motivation for one project, I handled it by being productive with another.

Just because you don’t feel like studying for a test tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything. Work on a project that’s due later on and save yourself some time in the future.

The point is: do anything at all because it’s better than doing nothing.

How to Survive Your Last Semester in College - Guest Post

Of course, sometimes we need other strategies to overcome a lack of motivation. A few more ideas on how to get school work done when you’re not feeling it:

  • Go hang out with a friend or your roommate (if you have one) — working together or around people helps to get creative juices flowing and takes off the pressure a little. Friends are also great for feedback!
  • Find a fresh, new space to study in or go to a place where you focus better.
  • Take a walk and let it be.
  • More coffee? Sometimes it’s just what you need — just don’t overdo it.
  • The last resort: Postpone it until the morning. Because sometimes it’s better to sleep on it and wake up early. When I did this, I usually did it with assignments that were almost done and didn’t need much work.

If you can’t get work done, it’s NOT because you don’t have it in you to do it. The last year of college is so stressful and we push ourselves far beyond mental and emotional capacity. Listen to your body and mind and try to give it what it needs. Don’t beat yourself up for taking a break, we’re only human.

Stress Less About What to Do After College

In life after college, you have all the time in the world to make important decisions. That’s not to say you shouldn’t find a job or make money, but what I’m mean is that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have work immediately after you graduate.

Work will always be out there. If you don’t have it in the palm of your hand the day you cross the ceremony stage, the world keeps turning. Go travel if you can — give yourself a break to do something awesome, especially if you plan to settle for a long-term full-time job that makes interfere with your ability to travel in the future.

How to Survive Your Last Semester in College - Guest Post
The pressure to get a job after college is just that: pressure. The pressure for us to work immediately comes from family, peers, and our own universities. It’s a societal norm that we shouldn’t feel bad about not abiding by. Do what feels right to you. Obviously, if you get offered your dream job out of college, take it! But don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen immediately.

Networking and Finding Work Without Losing Your Sanity

(Before and After Graduation)

While I may be preaching about not stressing over finding a job, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it all together. By doing small things, you can improve your marketability, learn about the job market, create connections, and maybe even land a job without harming your sanity.

The pressure to get a job right after college feels heavy. As I was graduating I was about to leave for a volunteer trip with Learning Enterprises. Getting a job immediately wasn’t an option for me (although it could have been).

While in school, accomplish the job search basics. Attend networking events when you can, complete your resume, and connect with potential employers. As I said, this is your last semester, so being clouded by all the pressures of finding a job will take away from the last breaths of your college career.

How to Survive Your Last Semester in College - Guest Post

After graduating, if you don’t have a job yet, my personal tactics include reconnecting with employers, applying to a couple jobs a week, and putting yourself out there. Honestly, it’s all about putting in the effort to stand out.

What is Adulting?

What to do after college? Whatever I want.

Don’t get me wrong, you can do whatever you want without a college education, but my degree certainly makes a lot more possible. Before, it seemed everyone expressed that being an adult the worst (and maybe it’s cause I’m new to it), but my obligations are little and I feel quite free.

Luckily, I don’t have a car, kids, or other financial burdens, so I’d say adulting hasn’t been as difficult as it could be. Your post-college life will be determined by your job too.

Your life after college might be working from 9-5 or living like me with a strange schedule that kinda makes sense and somehow pays the bills. I’ll just say I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands these past few months.

One thing that always stays the same: I can do whatever I want, and hopefully, you feel the same.

How to Survive Your Last Semester in College - Guest Post

We’re told we should be scared to be adults and that college is the best time of our lives, but I’d beg to differ. After you graduate, you can make real money and socialize out in the real world — to some that doesn’t sound fun, but it’s certainly something that has changed my perspective in a positive way.

Point is, don’t stress out about what happens after. The choices you make after college, as with any time in our lives, determine our happiness.

Final Words

While my advice isn’t technical, I hope you feel better about going into your last year or semester of college and more confident in the future.

College is such an awesome experience and not one to take for granted. To go to college is a privilege to grow as a person and create opportunities for yourself in the future. Just go with it, work hard, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Remember, life after college will allow you to take all sort of chances and you’ll have all the time in the world.

You only get to experience an undergrad education once, so enjoy it and all the fun and hardships that come with it.

I hope you liked this wonderful article by Kayla. Do visit her website to read more such amazing articles which will help you out as you move forward.

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