How to make a DIY Tassel

How to make a DIY Tassel

While surfing around the internet you must have definitely landed on many types of tasselled jewellery. But these accessories being evergreen also come at a good price. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to make one on your own no cost?

Tassels being an accessory to the ever trendy accessories have stayed in the fashion industry for quite some time. With so many accessories going around, tassels can be found on any and every kind of fashion item. Knowing how to make tassels can help you revamp all your wardrobe and stay at the top of your fashion game.

Here are the steps for making tassels, so that you may add it to your earrings, scarves, necklaces and anything you want…really!




Step 1: Get the ‘ingredients’

You will need:

Thread of your choice (It can be any type really!)
A cut out of a small piece of cardboard (the size you want your tassel to be)
A needle (Be careful, don’t poke around with it)
A whole lot of enthusiasm (because why not?)



Step 2:  The wrapping game

Once you are done with collecting the items, wrap the thread around the cardboard piece in 100-200 loops depending on the density of the tassel you want at the end. As shown in the picture on the left insert the needle and tie a loop around the string of threads as shown in the figure on the right.





Step 3:  Cut and Stretch

You can then remove the looped tassel from the piece of cardboard and cut it using scissors by holding on to the top tied part and stretching out the scissors to get a clean cut.



Step 4:  Tie the top

After you are done cutting the bottom of the tassel and getting two equal sides (it is ok if you don’t have equal sides, you can always trim trim trim…) hold the top part and put in the needle through the top part and rotate the thread using a needle till you have a tightly tied the thread.

And voila you get your very first tassel. Use it as you like, or you could use it for making bookmarks as I did! Check out my post on 10 DIY bookmarks ideas under 10 minutes!



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