11 Cutest Bullet Journal DIY to Boost Planner Organisation (With Freebies)

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Bullet Journals are a great way to keep all your daily tasks organised. They help keep us on track and can be very useful for remembering things. Decorating them and playing around with them is fun and can assist you in looking back at them and keeping organised

I used to be very disorganised with my tasks all over the place before I started out with a planner. Forgetting assignments, spending too much time on useless tasks, bad budget keeping were all a part of my daily routine. After I started journaling it helped me align my thoughts, get back on track and have a lookout for what I will be doing.

In this article, I will talk about great DIYs that you can try out yourself and can be finished within minutes. These great DIYs can keep your planner organised for you and further assist you in keeping your life organised and sorted. Let us commence the journey to a better and much more cuter bullet journal or planner!

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11 Cutest Bullet Journal DIY to Boost Planner Organisation (With Freebies) NupurSpeaks

1. Pockets

Let us talk about pockets. These are cute, can help you keep your stickers, post-its, small decorative items in one place. Not all planners come with these small pockets and it is so simple to add such pockets to bullet journals. Let me show you how to make one of your own!

You will need

  1. Scissors
  2. Decorative paper
  3. White paper (If you want to make your own decorations)
  4. Glue
  5. Tape
  • Step 1:

    Get a cut-out or print out of your favourite design and cut it in your desired size.


  • Step 2:

    Cut two small pieces of white paper and fold them in half as shown.

pocket-planner-nupurspeaks-2 pocket-planner-nupurspeaks-3

  • Step 3:

    Stick the white paper to both the sides of the cut-out from step 1 and stick them to the desired place in the bullet journal or planner. You can stick the additonal paper to the lower side as I have done to give a bounce to your pocket.

pocket-planner-nupurspeaks-4 pocket-planner-nupurspeaks-6

  • Step 4:

    You can also use washi tape to stick the pocket. If you use glue, let it dry. And you have your cute little pocket to store all your loose items!


This DIY is great, looks pretty, helps you keep your planner organised and is customisable to any shape, size, a page you want it to be.


2. Trackers

Trackers are great in keeping your life together. They are motivational and can help you get into a habit you have wanted for long. I used to suck at drinking water, so much so that a few years ago I developed a sharp pain and when I showed it to the doctor he said: “It seems you are completely dry from the inside” (not many people know this about me). Which is why I started keeping a tracker and now drink eight glasses of water a day.

I am sharing with you a free printable I made and used for myself. All you have to do to get it is subscribe to my email list. This tracker has been my companion for quite some time now. After I complete a task for a week I reward myself with a cute gift, nice food item or just a great tea which motivates me to keep at it. But after a while, you will notice that these habits become a part of your daily routine.

This free printable includes a water tracker, a healthy food tracker and an exercise tracker. I also have included an empty tracker which you can customise to your needs. When you subscribe to my list you not only get these great trackers, you also get a layout of my planner printable, a CV & Cover Letter Template and an internship planner ALL FOR FREE.

So to subscribe go to the end of the post, fill in the cute little pink box and get all these to your inbox. Do check your promotions or spam folder if you cannot find it (the internet does weird things sometimes).

blank habit nupurspeaks

3. Sticky Notes

This is more of a semi DIY. Sticky notes are great for temporary pieces. I keep a page for daily reminders, this is a page I would not want in the long run and is an extra baggage to my planner. So I use sticky notes to write daily reminders and remove it the next day. I use the printable I have made for this.

YES! This article is great because you are getting ANOTHER FREE PRINTABLE! The one shown in the picture below. You know the drill Subscribe below the post and get this GREAT freebie at your inbox.

sticky notes nupurspeaks

4. Pop Outs

I love pop outs. They are great to put on the front page. I use pop outs to put the colour scheme I use. This is something I use every day as I need to look up once in a while to just revise the colour scheme. This is how you make your own.

You will need

  1. Scissors
  2. White paper
  3. Glue
  4. Tape
  5. Highlighters
  • Step 1:

    Cut out a small piece of paper and fold it in half


  • Step 2:

    Stick one half on the desired page such that the other half open out of the book as shown.

pop-planner-nupurspeaks-2 pop-planner-nupurspeaks-3

I put in the colour code that used for my planner in this sheet of paper as shown.



Now bookmarks are something every planner needs. It can be for marking the reminder section of your bullet journal, or for marking any of the goto pages in your planner. I have written an article on making 10 types of DIYs in under 10 minutes and you should check that out for making your very own DIY bookmarks. Click here to go to the DIY article, don’t worry I will wake for you all!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the DIY bookmarks I made and I teach how to make them from scratch here.


6. Colour Coding your Planner

Colour coding is the most essential thing to keep your planner and bullet journals organised. It can help you look at your entire planner at a glance and figure out what fits what. For instance, I have kept a blue highlighter from Muji to point out the days when I release an article. I have kept a pink highlighter from Muji for keeping tabs on guest posts.

If you do not want to use too many colours, you can also code it using symbols. I use this technique for college work. With a black felt tip pen, I use a diamond, leaf, heart, cloud etc to note different assignments, classes; you get the gist. This can be for those who like minimalism.

If you are wondering which planner I use, it is the Japan Muji A5 Monthly Scheduler and Japan Muji Weekly Scheduler. I have done a detailed article on setting up your planner (I give free printable here too so if you sign up at the end of the current post you get these too!) so you should check that out!


7. Decoration

This is not really an ‘organisation’ hack per say, but it will definitely make you look back at your planner. I share with you some great monochrome designs you can use to make your planner look cuter, more alive, fun to look at and basically make it pretty. If you are not the one to add extra details to your planner and like to keep it simple, I have some great designs for you too.

  • Trees

    Now you must be saying, “Trees? What?”, hold on let me show you. I have created an article on drawing 5 great trees that you can draw EASILY. These bring life to your planner and you can create a theme for your bullet journal with these great trees. Click here and go to that article, you can come right back here at any time!

scribble-tree-draw-nupurspeaks-11 coconut-tree-nupurspeaks-4

  • Banners

    This was inspired by Pinterest. I have seen so many great banners there that I thought I would design some of my own and add it to my planner. Here are some great banners I drew, which you can add to your list too!


  • Stickers

    The stickers I use are from Accessorize. They are super cute and I also use them to code some of my entries into my bullet journal.

  • Highlighters

    I use highlighters for almost everything. I like to use just one pen but use various highlighters to code them. You can also highlight a corner of your page to colour code it for future reference. I use the Muji Highlighters for my planners.

highlighter-planner-nupurspeaks-muji pen-planner-nupurspeaks-muji full-planner-nupurspeaks-muji-1

8. Year at a Glance

This is a yearly calendar that I have made on my own and I highlight various important dates of the year. I am horrible at remembering birthdays or anniversaries and just highlight the important dates of the year.

Now you must be thinking, it has been a while in the article since I have given out another freebie. I present to you a customisable printable you can use for any year (I have also added the one for a leap here). As for before all you have got to do is SUBSCRIBE to my list! If you already have done it that is great! You already have these splendid freebies in your inbox. If not, do not forget to do it at the end of the post!

Year at a Glance nupurspeaks

9. Week at a Glance

I use Japan Muji Weekly Scheduler for this purpose. This planner is great. It comes in 32 sheets, is quite inexpensive, has thick papers and I love using it. It has kept me SO organised. I seriously have not missed any task since the day I bought it. The simplicity of this planner is what makes it so great to use.

If you do not like this (which I highly doubt) you could use the free printables I made. But seriously, the Japan Muji Weekly Scheduler is what you should use.


10. Month at a Glance

The month at a glance planner I use is again from Muji. The Japan Muji A5 Monthly Scheduler is just like its sister planner. Easily customisable, simple to use, great paper and you get 32 sheets! That is over two years of planning in one place. How great is that? I have talked in length about this planner in the article How to Set Up Your Monthly Planner with Free Printables. Hop on to the article if you want to know more.

Again, if you do not like it (which has an extremely low possibility) you could get my free printable by subscribing to my list at the end of the post.


11. Layer on Layer

For this, I use the post-its. I know I said that post its are generally used for temporary work. But they are GREAT for permanent layering. If you want to make a not of many things on one piece of paper, post-its are great for that.

I not only use post its but also use ‘spring paper’. It is basically a long sheet of paper you fold left right till you get a ‘spring’ kind of a feeling. It is great to note down points you want to restrict to just one sheet of the bullet journal or planner.


So there you go! These are 11 DIYs you can use for you planners or bullet journals starting TODAY! They are simple to use, easy to implement and can aid in increasing your productivity.

Subscribe to my list to get a bunch of freebies (planner template, habit tracker, CV & Cover letter template, a year at a glance and much more). You also get a freebie every Sunday and Thursday! Once you subscribe do not forget to join my ultra exclusive FB group for all my champs who have subscribed to me!

Please comment below and let me know how you like these DIYs. Send me a message if you want to get cranking on something with me 😀 Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to get some great stuff on your feed! I also made a YouTube channel! Feel free to check it out 😀

Have an awesome day!

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25 thoughts on “11 Cutest Bullet Journal DIY to Boost Planner Organisation (With Freebies)”

  1. Wow! I can tell you have the patience of a saint! There’s no way I could be dedicated long enough to a bullet journal to make it a viable resource. After a week or two of having to create every single part of it, I would be over it! So bless you. I really like your doodle trees. You seem like you enjoy keeping it up and that’s what counts. ?

  2. I’m a planner lover but definitely don’t have time to bullet journal the entire thing. I just create a few pages like for lists and habits!

    1. Yes! I definitely agree. That’s why I am all for using the Muji Planner. They are for all, the ones who love the simplicity and for those who want to spice it up a little 😀

  3. I love my bullet journal, it keeps me slightly more organised than before. it is a lot of work though to keep it presentable. Love the ideas in your post and will surely implement some of them.

  4. I wish my journal/ planner was prettier but I think functionality wins out every time, it looks like a mad scientist has created the cure for cancer inside, lol I have the up most respect for those with beautiful journals and planners.

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