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Hey there people of planet earth (an also any other intelligent life with access to the internet) welcome to this small corner of the world wide web.


A picture of me when I got just 3 hours of sleep followed by a 2-hour bike ride to the mountains and the last day of my college…


I am Nupur, a recent aerospace engineering graduate who writes about college lifestyle, getting internships, easy DIY, travelling and of course foooood. So if this is what you are looking for, you are standing at the absolute right place!

Now before we begin our little adventure together how about you get familiar with the map of this website so that the navigation gets better?

  • The cute little toggle button that you see at the right-hand corner will take you to my sidebar, which like the cave in Ali Baba and the forty thieves closes and opens at your command. (I really dislike those annoying sidebars that linger throughout the website)
  • The technical me section will fly you to the realm of the creatures who keep awake through the night and sleep in lectures. On the way, you may visit undergraduate island, graduate mountain and the temple of internships.
  • If you are in a mood for something light you would like to visit my creative side where you will go through DIY street, pass by amateur poetry alley, dine at food and drinks and catch a flight back to the travelust section.
  • You can also visit the about me house for a quick cup of coffee and a great chat with a friend.



Here is my picture from graduation 🙂



Let us look more into the blog, shall we?

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While you are at it, become a frequent flyer by looking at some of my ongoing segments that may help you out!


On-going segments:

  • Through the eyes of a student:

    A segment I created to get the student community talking about hardships, aspirations, goals, and anything you want to talk about. You will have to submit an article of minimum 2000 words related to a topic of choice. At the end of the month, I will shortlist 4 people to publish on the blog. To participate fill this form and send me your article via





  • Rules:
  1. You will have to write an article at least 2000 words long and use your own photography or even stock photography is ok. If you want I can provide one backlink to your blog with a brief author introduction.
  2. Promote your blog post with a brief introduction to my website your blog giving a backlink to mine
  3. All you have to take care is that it has 0 plagiarism and is 100% original


  • How to LaTeX with OverLeaf: Where I teach about using LaTeX for academic writing


So now that you have had a quick visit around this ‘sity’ let me show you my favourite destinations.

Some of my favourite posts in the technical me section are:
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Some of my favourite posts in the creative me section are:
How to make a DIY Tassel
10 DIY Bookmark Ideas in Under 10 Minutes
5 Types of Trees to Draw Step by Step


It would be awesome of you to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat or collaborate! Would love to hear your ideas <3



Thank you sooooo much for visiting me! You are the BEST!



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