Internships are an essential part of any college students life. They can help you prepare for the real world while answering the question “am I meant to do this?” They can help strengthen your belief in the field you are opting for as well as can shape your future.

In this section of the website, I have written extensive articles about why you should do internships, how to apply for them internships, what they comprise of; anything you would like to know about the process of going for one.

I suggest you start off with post Steps towards a Research Internship for Students with No Experience. Even if you are familiar with the process of an internship or are maybe seeking a corporate one. This particular post is surely going to teach you something new. I also have a video to accompany this post!

7 Best Steps to Write a Cover Letter for Research Internships

You have to agree that a cover letter is essential for any form of application. All undergrad students must know how to write a cover letter because sooner or later they will apply for internships or even jobs. A good cover letter is a gateway towards wonderful opportunities. Surfing through the internet I could find […]

5 Steps towards a Research Internship for Students with No Experience

Applying for an internship can be quite nerve-wracking, especially when you have never had one before. You have so many questions in your mind. How to apply? When to apply? Where to apply? Not to worry! I have been in your shoes and through the struggles of applying for my first internship. After surfing through […]