5 Ways to Utilise Your Summer Other Than an Internship in College

5 Ways to Utilise Your Summer Other Than an Internship in College - nupurspeaks 5
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Are you looking for ways to make the most of your summer but were not able to secure an internship? The case might be that you were not prepared beforehand and did not apply for internships. Or you applied but were not able to get one (yes, that is the case too, at times). In either case, you have nothing to worry as what I am about to tell you can be equally beneficial to your student profile and career

I know of many who were not able to secure internships but utilised their summer such that they were well prepared for the new academic year ahead. The summers during your college years are as crucial as the academic year and should be used wisely. You can either chose to take it a little slow or plan ahead so that you are able to add to your career goals and your CV.

In this article, I will tell you 5 ways in which you can take advantage of the summer to the fullest. One of the reasons why many students prefer internships is that you are put to work which you have to deliver. This leaves almost no time for lazing around, a possibility which is endless when you are home from school. But if you are able to take this time in your hands, you have the power to make most of your time and use it to your benefit. This is what I will help you through this post.

By the way, If you still have time till the summer go on to my post 5 Steps towards a Research Internship for Students to learn the steps to get one. If not, you can follow along 🙂

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5 Ways to Utilise Your Summer Other Than an Internship in College



1. Learn to Code

Coding is one of the most useful skills I have acquired starting from junior year of school to four years of college. It is a skill that should be learnt by all especially the students involved in STEM. Even if you are not in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) coding can be a handy skill that you will be using one or the other day.

How Will it Help You?

Learning to code is like learning a new language. It is a method of communicating with a computer and commanding it to do tasks for you. Know-how in coding can help you develop an app, software for your field, giving simple commands to your computer, automating your house and almost anything you can think of.

But how will you be able to use coding for your particular field? I have listed below a few fields of study and how coding can make you abler than you already are in it.

What Language to Start With?

So now you know how coding can help you let us dive into which language you should start with and why. The first language I learnt how to code in was C++. Having a basis in C++, I could easily grasp other languages within a week or two such as Fortran95, C, Python and even JavaScript, HTML and PHP.

C++ can provide you with the basis of object-oriented programming and teach you how to the code with regards to different functions works. C++ is the language used by various software and can provide you with the adaptability you need to learn any other language. You can learn C++ from Coursera or Udemy.

Online computer science courses to jumpstart your future.

2. Brush up your subjects

Another thing you can do during a two-month break is relearning all your subjects. This will help you in the long run as the knowledge you gain in self-study will remain with you forever. Yes, you have learnt all of it in your last semester, but revising these subjects can be highly impactful to your future internships especially in research.

You can also take this as an opportunity to maybe go through the subjects you will take up in the coming semesters. Despite a lot of other believes a good GPA can make or break a future application for college and jobs. This can seriously help boost your GPA.

How Will it Help You?

Brushing up the subjects that you have already studied or the ones you will be studying in the coming months can have a great effect on your grades. Good grades in college can give you a better standing to pursue a masters and will also increase your chances of getting a job.

3. Pursue Your Hobby

Summer in college is the time to do what you have always dreamed of. Unlike school, you don’t have the burden of summer projects and have the freedom to do whatever you want. Is there a language you wanted to master? Now is the time. Is there a passion you were meant to follow but couldn’t?

Small Activity

Let us do a small activity. Take out a pen and paper or just your phone. Now answer these questions briefly.

  1. Is there something you have always wanted to do?
  2. If you were given a chance to learn a new skill what would it be?
  3. Write down all your hobbies and rate them 1-10 on the scale of your liking.
  4. Are you required to invent in these hobbies?
  5. If not, what will you use to master or pursue them?

Now that you are done, look at your sheet. There will be one particular hobby that you have mentioned more than others. How about you start with that?



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4. Make a Blog

Starting a blog has been absolutely great for me. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people and has given me a voice. Through the blog, I am able to help students like yourself who want to make most of college and get a better standing. Having a blog in college can be great for personal growth.

Would you like to know how you can start your own blog? Comment below and let me know! I can make a new post of being a blogger in college 😀

5. Develop a New Skill

As mentioned earlier, summertime in college is essential to help take your career forward. Along with the points mentioned above, it is crucial that you develop a new skill. Now this skill can be anything from learning how to master a particular task required in college, for instance, there might be a software that you require in your course to learning something that will help your career move forward in general.

What is the point of an internship? As said earlier, it is a way to enhance your skills and get a better understanding of your subject. For example, in engineering, there are particular software as mentioned in the post 5 Useful Tools Every Engineering Student Should Learn. You can utilise this time to develop new skills and get going with your work.

You can find countless courses on Udemy which will help you enhance your skills in any field you require!

So there you go! There are numerous number of ways in which you can utilise your summers. Now it depends on you how you would like to make the most of your time.

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5 Ways to Utilise Your Summer Other Than an Internship in College

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