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Grad school can have its ups and downs. From application to what to do once you are in, the blog has many articles written by me and various other master's and PhD students.

These articles provide tips, guidelines and even future prospects by various graduate students from all around.

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Grad School

5 Helpful Graduate School Survival Tips You Need to Follow – Guest Post

Tip #5: Give yourself grace. In the last 12 months, I have graduated college with 2 majors and 1 minor, moved to a new city, started graduate school, passed with flying colors, and am in the process of writing a few papers for publication during a pandemic! As I reflect on what I have done and what other hundreds of PhD students do day to

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9 Things Quarantine Taught Me and I Will Continue Doing - NupurSpeak
Grad School

9 Things Quarantine Taught Me and I Will Continue Doing

We have been under quarantine for quite some months now. Most of us have either adapted to this temporary yet long lifestyle or have worked our schedule around it. As students in undergrad or grad school, most of us are now having classes online or our universities or colleges have organized different means of studying. In either case, being in quarantine has taught all of

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21 Constructive Activities to when Working From Home for College Students
Grad School

21 Constructive Activities to do When Working From Home for College Students

Most of the world has stood still, and many of us are working from home. As college students whether in graduate school or undergrad we have had our classes shifted online. Most of the group activities have halted, and social distancing is something we all must abide by and preach so as to save our dear ones. However, during this time, apart from online courses

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10 Productive Ways to Enhance Winter Break for College Students
Grad School

9 Productive Ways to Enhance Winter Break for College Students

Unlike summer breaks, winter breaks tend to be short, crisp and yes, a great time to enhance your productivity for the upcoming year! Being brief, it is difficult to get internships during a winter break, but they are advantageous to college students in a whole different way. This winter break you have the opportunity to catch your breath. After a whole year of college, this

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