21 Constructive Activities to do When Working From Home for College Students

Most of the world has stood still, and many of us are working from home. As college students whether in graduate school or undergrad we have had our classes shifted online. Most of the group activities have halted, and social distancing is something we all must abide by and preach so as to save our […]

9 Productive Ways to Enhance Winter Break for College Students

Unlike summer breaks, winter breaks tend to be short, crisp and yes, a great time to enhance your productivity for the upcoming year! Being brief, it is difficult to get internships during a winter break, but they are advantageous to college students in a whole different way. This winter break you have the opportunity to […]

7 Effective Steps To Get Back on Track in College

It’s been quite some time since college started and you are beginning to feel as if all the resolutions you made are slowly taking the backseat? You have started to lose a sense of time and procrastination seems to be your best friend. You have a lot of tasks to do and never seem to […]