Light House

Light House

Alone in the dark
Stands a lighthouse
Atop a barren shore
Its light cutting through the unlit sky
The stranded there,
Have nowhere to go
The sea looks like blood
Of the thousand men she consumed
Who she now adores
And cradles them on her waters
Not letting them sink
Just not letting them go
With the eyes of a mother
The smile of the devil
She looks at them in awe
Splashing her waters
Hitting her tails
Trying to get more children on her lap
The women, the men
The children do pray
To let the dead go in peace
And the dying do plea
And the dying do curse
At this injustice this is
But they bear the fruits
That they had sown
When her frozen sister was sent to heaven
The light of the house
Pierces the bloody eyes
Of those who remain
The windows to their soul
Filled with lies
Filled with the memories of those who were slain
Their lives burning like ashes
The water swift like the sword
With nothing to gain

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