Hands laden in black,
What was this about?
Lovely ladies dancing
And all for a lout
Laughter, giggles and cling of bangles
With a sore heart she did accept
colours splashed on her face
Was it that perfect?
Her mind was all rainbows
And heart running ebony
Skipped beats too often
Yet filled with bookish reverie
Dreaming of the shelves
Filled with a thousand pages
And she reading and teaching
All through out the old ages
Bonded to knowledge
Engaged to wisdom
Married at small age
What was this system?
But nothing did prevail.
A tear. An invisible scar,
A thirst for knowledge
And all afar
Walking down the hilltop
The footprints no longer left trails
She was mute from within
Like the beautiful bloomingdales
Love was lost
Love was a pain
Love did die
And with no gain

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