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It is very easy to lose track of time and decrease your productivity as a student. I used to be a complete chaos master and after a bit of research and studying these techniques I am able to overcome this personality trait. In this section I share articles on being productive as a student.

They can help strengthen your belief in the field you are opting for as well as can shape your future.

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How to Set Up Your Monthly Planner with Free Printables

In this particular article, I will discuss a new type of planner I found, planners that I have used earlier, the stationary I use and a free gift I give to my readers. I will also talk about setting up your monthly planner in a colour coded fashion while keeping it minimalistic. Let u dive into it, shall we?

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5 Types of Trees to Draw Step by Step

When I first started to learn how to draw, I started off with trees. They are simple to learn, easy to draw and the steps are straightforward to follow. Understanding the techniques of drawing different kinds of trees is the basis for learning how to draw. Learning how to draw trees can help you in making landscapes and can even be a great addition to

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