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Some Guidelines to Follow

  1. The post has to be at least 1500 words long. This helps with SEO and organic traffic
  2.  I will provide three backlinks to your blog and promote it on my social media.
  3. If you would like, please send me some pictures which you would like to publish along with the post. This is not compulsory. However, make sure the pictures are either your own or FREE stock images.
  4. If you are willing, please promote your blog post on your social media.
  5. I am free to add any affiliate links to your post, edit the post and add it to any future publication. I am also free to accept or reject the blog post.
  6. You have to take care that the post has zero plagiarism and is 100% original. This can heavily affect organic traffic. 
  7. Once the post is completed, you will have to provide a 100-300 work short description and a picture of yourself to be shared on the post. 
  8. Please wait to get a reply from me (can be upto 1-2 weeks) due to high email volume and my grad school work load.

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